Global report on conversational AI in banks 2022-Industry analysis and forecasts to 2027

Banks are now turning to conversational AI to provide a better customer experience. By using conversational AI, banks can offer their customers a more personalized experience by engaging with them in natural conversation. This technology can also help banks reduce customer support costs and improve operational efficiency.

In addition, conversational AI can help banks prevent fraud and detect unusual activities. By monitoring customer conversations, banks can quickly identify potential risks and take action to prevent them.

Conversational AI is already being used by some of the world’s largest banks, such as JPMorgan Chase and HSBC. And it’s not just limited to big banks – smaller banks and credit unions are also beginning to adopt conversational AI to improve their customer service.

If you are a bank looking to understand what conversational AI is about, the benefits it can have on your banking business, the latest trends, market dynamics, and industry forecasts, consider downloading the report tailored for these needs.

Key report metrics

Metrics Details
Years in review 2018-2027
Base year 2022
Forecast period 2023-2027
Regions covered APAC, Europe, North America, RoW

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1. About the report
2. Research Methodology
3. Executive summary
4. The evolution of AI in banks
5. Use of AI in banks
6. Journey towards conversational AI
7. The rise of self-service consumer choices
8. Conversation AI: Redefining the banking business
9. Looking forward to new-age banking through conversational AI
10. Critical workforce imperatives to leverage technology
11. Way forward