TFI Research

TFI Research is the global leader in market surveys and integrated insights across multiple industries. Since 2009, TFI Research has grown into the world’s leading research company with more than 10,000 experts and a network in 183+ countries.

We have created 1000+ custom research reports for our clients across multiple industry verticals including Banking, Finance, and Insurance, Life sciences & Healthcare, Telecom & Semiconductor, Retail & Logistics, and Gaming & Entertainment. These reports have enabled companies to strategize their marketing, product development and sales efforts more effectively.

Our integrated insights have assisted our clients in understanding the market dynamics, competitive landscape, consumer behavior, consumer choices & preferences, and business dynamics better than the competition. Since inception, TFI Research has been meeting and/or exceeding the highest professional business standards and has been delivering industry-leading quality results.

Our Mission & Vision

We have been guiding businesses across multiple industries to make informed business decisions through our culture of professionalism, quality-focused, and high performance.

  • Provide unique and high-quality insights to clients
  • Become the #1 global research company
  • Prioritize client satisfaction, experience, and business outcomes